Why are our products different?

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We put a face to name

Authenticity in products and service combined with ethical business practice are paramount to us and having Kate Henderson as our co-founder and face of the brand ressures this.

Largest product range

We’re proud to state that our own brand of CBD products is of the widest range you’ll find

Customer care is our priority

Whether you as a wholesaler or customer

Highest quality

Cannabis Sativa L is the strain we use for our CBD. It’s the naturally high in cannabinoids and low in THC

True full spectrum

Therefore the most effective and true to the plant. Many other brands CBD is broad spectrum or CBD Isolate.


Our Cannabis and Hemp for the seed oil are organically grown and we use organic ingredients where possible in all our topical products.

Vegan certified

Our products are certified by The Vegan Society

Extracted using the CO2 method

We use high pressure and low temperatures to extract the oil from the plant. This is the most expensive method, but it’s the most clean and effective for extracting all the goodness

Safe and legal

There is a 3 stage 3rd party laboratory testing process from plant to end product. This not only determines the CBD, Terpene and Flavinoid content to be what is stated on the labels, but also ensures no chemicals, heavy metals or contaminants are present.

Honest and fair pricing

Yes there are brands with products are good as ours, but their pricing can be inflated. We want to be as accessible as we can be to consumers and so keep our costs fair to you, us and consumer.

Certified HACCP production facilities

Our production facilities in Holland have HACCP certification. We get them to bottle our individual products so they arrive at us sealed and having avoided further contamination. Because all the products at the facility are 100% natural, there is no chemical or synthetic products used anywhere, even in the cleaning process.